1. I may be in a minority here but I find the Kuepper poetry totally uninteresting. Could we have a heading indicating its poetry so I don’t bother clicking on it?

    • This is not the first time you sent a comment about your dislike of Philip Kuepper’s poetry on HTBS and asked for an easy fix to avoid getting his poems in front of your eyes. Previously, I have totally ignored this request. At this time, however, I feel I have to answer. I understand that not everyone is interested in everything we publish on HTBS. So be it. There is no way that we could put headers for special pieces posted on this website. There is an easy solution, though, when you see it’s a poem, don’t read it! I find your request extremely lazy, rude and obnoxious.

      Göran R Buckhorn,
      editor, HTBS

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