The Rowing App is Here!

29 January 2021

By Göran R Buckhorn

Rowing? Yes, there’s an app for that…

Wyatt Harrell

On Wednesday, The Rowing App was officially released. It is developed by Wyatt Harrell, who is a former U.S. Junior National Team coxswain turned software developer. Harrell started his coxing career at Capital City Rowing in Tallahassee, Florida, at a young age.

Harrell was immediately hooked and became obsessed with the sport of rowing. Early on, he wanted to develop an app for rowers and coaches to use.

‘Now, I can finally say that I have created an app to help coaches,’ Harrell said. ‘I wrote The Rowing App to provide coaches with a tool to easily and effortlessly build lineups and manage their rowers. One that would have everything they need to improve their productivity and efficiency’.

He continued: ‘It is meant to be a one-stop-shop for all things in their tool belt, both on and off the water’.

Here are some of the features:

Manage Your Fleet – Add fleet info from your entire boathouse into the app. Log information like boat class, rig, length, notes, and more.

Track Your Roster – Keep track of your rowers within the app. Record information like position, height, weight, contact info, notes and more.

Build Daily Lineups – Select from your fleet and roster to build daily lineups with ease. Export your lineups as images directly to your rowers and coaching staff.

Record Workouts – Easily log a workout for a rower or an entire lineup. Add notes to keep track of how they performed.

Pace Calculator – Easily switch between calculating pace, distance, or 500m split given a pair of values.

VO2max Calculator – Measure your rower’s capacity for aerobic work by calculating the amount of oxygen their body is capable of utilizing in one minute.

Multiple Stopwatches – Add and run multiple stopwatches at a time. One for every boat you have at the starting line.

Stroke Rate Timer – Keep your eyes on the boat and not your phone. Tap anywhere on the screen to record a stroke.

Watts Converter – Determine power in watts or average pace per 500 meters when converting from watts to pace.

Weight Adjustment Calculator – Compare your athlete’s potential in a measurable way by considering their body weight.

Dark Mode – The Rowing App fully supports Dark Mode. Switch between Light Mode or Dark Mode at any time.

Unit Preference Support – Select your unit preferences for mass, length, and speed whether you use the Metric or Imperial System.

Filter & Search – Search your boats, rowers, and lineups by name or filter by a given property.

Alternate App Icons – Choose from 10+ different app icons with blades from around the world to make The Rowing App feel like yours.

So, how much does The Rowing App cost?

‘The Rowing App is free and will remain free for the lifetime it is on the App Store,‘ Wyatt Harrell said. ‘There is a monthly or yearly subscription that can be purchased within the app. Without upgrading, coaches have access to all six coaching tools, unlimited rowers, and a limited number of boats and lineups.

‘Upgrading to Gold Medal Standard will remove the limit on boats and lineups, allow them to create workouts, export lineups as images to their rowers, and use advanced searching and filtering within the app. The subscription costs $4.99/month or $49.99/year with more features to come in the future. Both subscriptions come with a 1-week free trial,’ Harrell said.

Okay, coaches, what are you waiting for? Get The Rowing App and get ready for spring training!


    • Hi Ed,

      At this time, there is no plan to make an Android version. However, if there is enough support for it, it is definitely something that I would be open to developing. As of right now, it is available on both iPhone and iPad.


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