Thames Festival Trust: A New Era Begins at Trinity Buoy Wharf

Trinity Buoy Wharf

17 December 2020

In a press release, Thames Festival Trust writes that the organisation has moved from the South Bank to Trinity Buoy Wharf in London.

Ever since launching in 1997 with a Guinness World Record setting tight rope walk across the Thames, Thames Festival Trust has been connected to London’s South Bank, delivering a wide selection of education and heritage events and projects across the world such as Rivers of the World, Foragers of the Foreshore and Life Afloat, as well as the yearly festival Totally Thames.

Partnering early on with Coin Street Community Builders, the organisation has worked within their buildings, specifically over the past decade in the Bargehouse at OXO Tower Wharf.

Rivers of the World 2020 – Southbank Installation. Photo: Milo Robinson

A new decade brings new adventures, and now the organisation has embarked on a journey to London’s Docklands making Trinity Buoy Wharf their new base. A centre for arts and a cultural hub, it is home to many creators and organisations, including Artyface, English National Opera’s props department, The Prince’s Foundation, Longplayer, The Royal Drawing School Art Foundation Year and Uber Boat by Thames Clippers.

Established in 1998, Trinity Buoy Wharf houses more than 500 artists and businesses. The site is a combination of the historic Trinity House brick buildings that incorporates the old with the new.  Thames Festival Trust will be housed in Clipper House, a recycled shipping container complex that was the 2012 Olympic Broadcasting Studios at Stratford’s Olympic Park. The complex has amazing riverside views, alongside the maintained and historical navigational equipment, buoys, experimental lighthouse and lightship which were so important in keeping Britain’s coastal water safe.

Eric Reynolds, Founding Director of Urban Space Management, who manages Trinity Buoy Wharf, said: ‘We are delighted to see that the recognition of the flow of London’s cultural heart towards the East continues with the move of the Thames Festival Trust to Trinity Buoy Wharf. A rising tide lifts all boats and in this case all festivals’.

Thames Festival Trust is based at Trinity Buoy Wharf, at Studio 28, Clipper House, 33 Trinity Buoy Wharf, London E14 0FJ

Thames Festival Trust is a registered charity, donate to the organisation to help them continue their work. #supportthearts

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