The 2020 HOCR Remote Global Event

2020 Head of the Charles Global Rowing Event© Head of the Charles

20 November 2020

By Larry Fogelberg

Those of us who regularly follow the Head of the Charles Regatta – the thousands who have competed on the Charles – will know what happened in 2020. Many others, however, may have assumed that this immense regatta was simply canceled like so many other regattas this year. Well, it was canceled but just in its traditional form, the two-day head racing on the Charles River in Boston.

Worldwide corona lockdown? No problem, HOCR announced a “Remote Global Event,” which is described here.

We live in the digital age. For the Participatory Erg event, you registered, got your erg’s monitor linked and demonstrated that you could set a record time for the HOCR course, probably your shortest session on your erg.

Around the world, 1002 persons participated, as shown on this website. This was fun and interesting. Scroll to enlarge the map. A click on a number will show the local course, often doubling back or circling. Another couple of clicks on the map will show the name of the participant and his/her times related to the HOCR course. To return to the world map click on “Water” at the top of the page. Who would have thought that there is rowing in Phoenix, Arizona, 30 participants!

The Competitive Live Racing was individuals on ergs, competing simultaneously, regardless of their local time zone. These athletes were all racing against each other and could view the race tracker (example below) on their computer and a simple leaderboard on their erg monitor.

Only four of the many competitive live events were the subject of the two-hour commentated broadcast on October 17.

Congratulations to the HOCR team for a wonderful idea, perfectly executed.

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