Pairs and Doubles

A Ukrainian man photographed a dog, apparently a Staffordshire Terrier and German Shepherd cross, on the streets of Kiev. The comparison picture with the Russian President, Vladimir Putin, was put on a Russian website and has since gone viral.

20 October 2020

By Tim Koch

Tim Koch does a double take.

The comparison pictures above inspired me to look for some rowing equivalents.

Left: Jonny Searle, Olympic gold medalist in the coxed pairs in 1992 and three-time Boat Race winner with Oxford. Right: Sideshow Bob, Springwood Minimum Security Prison Yale Alumni Crew.
Left: TE Weil, Yale ’70, President of the American Friends of the River & Rowing Museum.  Right: WH Taft, Yale ’78, President of the United States, 1909 – 1913.
Left: Tyler Winklevoss, U.S. National, Harvard and Oxford Crews. Right: Cameron Winklevoss, U.S. National, Harvard and Oxford Crews.


  1. Not buying the last images Tim. That’s Cameron (a quick on line check confirms) unless of course their shirts have absolutely identical creases in them!

  2. Amazing how the Winklevosses not only look almost too much alike, they even crease their shirt collars exactly the same way!

  3. Some people have pointed out that both pictures of the Winklevoss twins are the same photo of Cameron. Yes, that is part of the joke (though I admit that it’s a bit postmodern). Also, explaining a joke is rather like dissecting a frog – you find out how it works but the thing dies in the process.

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