Going Into Idleness

1 October 2020

Dear HTBS Readers,

Since 1 March, we have posted at least one article per day. Between January and September 2020, HTBS has had 62,387 visitors and was viewed 156,598 times.

What we must remember is that this was (still is!) a very strange year with almost no rowing on the water due to the blasted Coronavirus outbreak. However, the numbers above prove that HTBS regular and irregular contributors did something right and that you readers didn’t give up on us and did find something of interest on HTBS. Thank you very much for that!

However, autumn is upon us which means that we are going into a slow period when it comes to rowing (COVID-19 or not) – and maybe reading about it. From now on, there will not be an article published on HTBS every day.

But please, don’t give up on us. To be on the safe side and to make sure that you don’t miss an article, please sign up to get a notification per email each time we post a new article. Write in your email address in the little box down on the right. Yes, of course, it’s FREE!

In the spirit of Rowing!

Göran R Buckhorn,
editor, HTBS


  1. Goran,

    Understand perfectly your decision to ‘paddle light’ for the foreseeable future, you are double bloody marvellous to have carried on so far as well as you have. Will always look out for the HTBS in the future and will reread some of the articles from the past. Best wishes to you, Mrs. B and the rest of the crew. Regards, Bailey.

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    • Dear Lionel ~ Thank you for your kind words. HTBS is not quitting, but it’s getting harder and harder to fill this space every day with quality stuff. Normally, we start ‘paddling light’, as you call it, every year in October or November, but I promise to publish articles as soon as they come in from HTBS regular and irregular contributors, and as soon as I have produced something my self. Stay tunes! All my very best, Göran

  2. Göran, you’ve done a fantastic job under severe circumstances! I’ve published an average of two point something posts for the past 529 days, but then, idrottsforum.org covers the study of ALL sports from the wide and multifaceted social sciences and humanities perspectives. Now you enjoy some well-earned leisure time, and hopefully the next rowing season will be more or less normal. Cheers!

    • Thank you, Kjell. Yes, let’s hope that everything goes back to “normal” soon… for the sake of our sanity.

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