WRMR2019 – Wednesday: Photo Cavalcade

12 September 2019

Text & Photography Marie Barge

The World Rowing Masters Regatta started yesterday, Wednesday, with among other things an opening ceremony, Marie Barge writes.

It’s unfortunate that the ceremony is so late in the evening when so many of the participants have already left. Some of us need our ‘beauty sleep, and some of the rowers and the ‘rowing tourists’ are staying in Budapest, 50 km away from Velence. I’m sure FISA has taken everything in account, but it’s a pity. Why not have the opening ceremony before the regatta begins and save the entertainment for the Masters dinner?

An excellent Brass band from Budapest played covers and they did a really good job kicking life in the few of us that were left. The ones remaining had a really good time, I can tell you!

Both the President of Hungarian Rowing Association Tibor Petö and the Mayor of Velence emphasized to take time to visit the area. So let’s see what Velence has to offer!

Here are some images from Wednesday:

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