WRMR2019 – Starts Today

Lake Velence is surrounded by beautiful nature just like Lake Bled. Seen here is an eight on Lake Bled for the 2017 World Rowing Masters Regatta. Photo: Marie Barge.

11 September 2019

It’s time for the 2019 World Rowing Masters Regatta, which this year takes place on Lake Velence in Hungary from 11 to 15 September.

FISA, World Rowing, reports that the regatta is the second largest in the history of the World Rowing Masters Regatta with 3,526 athletes entered. The rowers come from 740 clubs from 52 nations. As many of the rowers will enter more than one race, more than 13,000 seats (more than 5000 entries) will be taken up at the regatta.

The boat type that has attracted most entries is the men’s single sculls, which has 1,030 entries, spread across the age categories. The categories start with ‘A’ for minimum age of 27 years and go through to category ‘M’ for average age of 89 years or more. The most ‘popular’ age categories are the 50-60-year-old, with 55 being the most popular age.

Germany is sending the most number of rowers with 550. This is followed closely by Great Britain, then Japan, the United States and Australia.

Lake Velence, which is 50 km from Budapest, is the second largest lake in Hungary at 26 km2 and is completely surrounded by beautiful nature.

HTBS has its special correspondent and photographer, Marie Barge, on the spot. Marie will send picture reports from Lake Velence. Hopefully, the regatta organisers have read her HTBS article from 30 August and have a lot to offer the ‘rowing tourist’.

Start lists, results and news from the regatta can be found on World Rowing website.

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