Joe DiMaggio at the Oar

Joe DiMaggio married movie star Marilyn Monroe in January 1954. She filled for divorce nine months later.*

17 August 2019

By Göran R Buckhorn

Göran R Buckhorn finds a film that shows baseball superstar Joe DiMaggio was better at the bat than the oar.

In 1941, 27-year-old Joe DiMaggio, New York Yankees’ star, set an incredible record in baseball that would make him the greatest athlete in his sport – his 56-game hitting streak in May – July; a record that still stands!

In 1941, DiMaggio was also in a short film showing how he was training, or maybe more correctly, he should have been in a training film, and the following is the outtakes in a newsreel. DiMaggio is in a gym training using a stationary bicycle, weight pulleys, a rowing machine and on an outdoor track. The rowing machine is a one-oar-machine, so no sculling for Joe.

As one could expect, he is not very good at the oar, lacking the right technique. Take a look here:

*What an editor does to find an excuse to mention Marilyn Monroe in a blog entry.


  1. Very interesting, Goran but can’t you dig out some pics of Grace Kelly and her sculling Dad and brother. She was far more attractive … and the men knew a bit about rowing as well !

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