I, A Rowing Bum

25 July 2019

By Larry Fogelberg

I‘m just a rowing bum,
I‘ll row with anyone,
Who just needs someone
To fill that empty seat.

In pairs or fours or eights,
If you don’t try to race,
I’m sure I’ll keep your pace
For most of the course.

In sculling boats I strive,
With pretty good leg drive,
To keep the boat alive,
Until the dock’s in sight.

But who will row with me,
In bow, at two, at three,
As cox, if that must be?

I’m just a rowing bum,
I’ll row with anyone,
So let me join your fun,
A graying rowing bum.


  1. So reminiscent of my, too many, years between leaving uni and serious work taking over ! I love it. And so many of those old memories come flooding back ! Very many thanks Larry Fogelberg !

    • And very many thanks to you, Ajax, also to those who posted two “likes”.
      I hope the people who have clicked on the photo of me weren’t disappointed to find a poem instead of a story about the noteworthy career of an unknown oarsman. . .

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