Picture Post: More From The HTBS Photo Archive

Toby Backhouse of Cambridge was a bit cross after coming off worse following a clash in the 2017 Oxford – Cambridge Veterans’ Boat Race.

8 May 2019

By Tim Koch

Tim Koch tries to keep focus.

There is a reasonable belief that the easiest way to make money from photography is to sell your camera. Fortunately, many of us do not have any commercial aspirations when taking pictures of a subject we love. Recently, to mark a decade of Hear The Boat Sing, I posted 30 of the rowing pictures that I have taken in those ten years that I like the best. The process of choosing them was rather like trying to decide which are your favourite children (albeit with less upsetting consequences when you publish your preferences on the Internet). However, I trust those that I considered but which did not make the final cut still have some merit in depicting the many are varied aspects of the wonderful sport of rowing. It is said that there are innumerable things that no one would see if somebody had not photographed them; here, surely, are a few of them.

Jane, Henley, 2015.
London Rowing Club, Boat Race Day 2015.
The finish of the 2014 Doggett’s Coat and Badge Wager. Winner Harry McCarthy is applauded from the Umpire’s launch by the Duke of Edinburgh and others.
Oxford’s Eights Week, 2014.
The Lords watch the Commons go afloat before the 2016 Parliamentary Boat Race.
Oxford returns from practice, Putney 2017.
The Men’s Fours final at the Olympic Regatta, London 2012.
Cambridge coach, Steve Trapmore, looks to a predecessor, Steve Fairbairn, days before the 2015 Boat Race.
The 2016 Women’s Boat Race gets rough at Barnes Bridge.
Diana Cook of ‘Way’s Rare and Second-hand Books’ in Henley, a shop with a splendid specialist rowing section, 2012.
Henley Women’s Regatta, 2015. The final of J2x: Marlow RC has just beaten Bewl Bridge RC.
The 2013 Doggett’s Coat and Badge Wager. The MV “Elizabethan”, hired by the Watermen’s Company to follow the race, allows previous winners a privileged viewing position. In the background is the dome of St Paul’s Cathedral, an iconic building that has witnessed every Doggett’s Race.
At the start, Henley 2014.
Blondie (Cambridge Women’s reserves) goes afloat, Tideway Week 2016.
Oxford Coach, Sean Bowden, has history looking down on him, Tideway Week, 2011.
Boathouse Island, Oxford Eights Week 2014.
Eton’s Procession of Boats, 2011.
For the 2017 Women’s Boat Race, Imogen Grant of Cambridge weighed in at 58 kg, much of it muscle.
Henley Bridge, 6 am, Regatta Week 2017.
Louis Pettipher wins the 2015 Doggett’s Coat and Badge Wager.
Luke Juckett crabbed and broke his backstay in the 2014 Oxford – Cambridge Boat Race.
Jolly boating weather, Henley 2015.
The 2017 Veterans Head of the River Race: The Thames crew that became the overall winners.
The start of the 2019 Wingfield Sculls.
Henley 2012: ‘Are they ahead?’
The 2017 Procession of Boats at Eton. The J16 ‘B’ crew in the boat, “Alexandra”, a wooden, fixed seat, fixed pin eight which, remarkably, was built in 2005.

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