RRM@21 – Revisited

The two founders of River and Rowing Museum in 1998 – David Lunn-Rockliffe (left) and Chris Dodd. Photo: Catherine Shakespeare Lane.

1 April 2019

Last Friday, HTBS published Chris Dodd’s last article in his series about how he co-founded the River & Rowing Museum in Henley-on-Thames 21 years ago. His series has offered portraits of donors and rowers, boat designers and builders, unique boats and rowing equipment, rowing historians and writers, architects and artists. If you have missed any of Dodd’s 14 articles, here you have a chance to read or re-read them all. Enjoy!

RRM@21 – 1: Inspired in the USA

RRM@21 – 2: Friends of Rowing History

RRM@21 – 3: A Sketch in Time

RRM@21 – 4: Modeling the Museum

RRM@21 – 5: Chancing upon the Glass Casket

RRM@21 – 6: Ocean Gig to Carbon Tiger

RRM@21 – 7: Up Soochow Creek

RRM@21 – 8: Five Fours to Fathom

RRM@21 – 9: Sugar and Spice

RRM@21 – 10: Singular Boats

RRM@21 – 11: The Takeaway Trireme

RRM@21 – 12: It’s all about Steve

RRM@21 – 13: When Rodney met Elizabeth…

RRM@21 – 14: Happy Birthday and Many Happy Returns

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