Goodbye Rebecca – Hello, Rebecca

15 January 2019

By Göran R Buckhorn

Rebecca Caroe just announced that she and Grant Craies have sold their business, Rowperfect UK. New owner is Volker Fritz.

Rowperfect UK started in 2000, when Rebecca worked with Tony Brook and Harry Mahon selling Casper Reker’s Rowperfect rowing machines. Later the company represented Coxmate, Dreher Oars, Magik Rowing, RP3, Crew Stop gloves, Rowing Jewellery, Neaves and Tim Crooks roof racks and many other rowing businesses. Then Rebecca and Grant went into blogging in 2007 and into ecommerce in 2011.

Rebecca Caroe

However, Rebecca is not giving up on rowing! She has started a new project, building up rowing podcasts, both audio and video. Check out her RowingChat website here.

The network includes StrengthCoach Round Table led by Will Ruth (Rowing Stronger) and Joe de Leo (Leo Training); Faster Masters Rowing Radio with Marlene Royle (RoyleRow); and Ready Row USA! a news show from Boston, Massachusetts, with Charlotte Pierce. See full shows list here.

Subscribe to RowingChat wherever you get your podcasts – or by email here.

HTBS wishes Rebecca good luck with her new endeavour.

One comment

  1. This a wonderful idea to keep rowing in the forefront of social media, not to mention
    an excellent opportunity to inform and educate our young and masters rowers alike.
    I would enjoy an opportunity to talk about the Howard M. Smith Diamond State Masters Regatta,
    which Howard and I conceived in 1991. Now in it’s 29th year and very popular among Masters rowers.
    July 20 and 21, 2019.

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