Tom at 70!

‘Happy Birthday, Tom’! Cartoon by Jim Morin © Courtesy of Jim Morin*.

19 October 2018

By HTBS Editor Göran R Buckhorn

Today, we at HTBS are celebrating one of our own. The Right Honourable** Thomas Eliot Weil, the Grand Doyen of rowing historians and a great friend, is turning 70 years young. The whole HTBS Team (including our IT staff) is lifting our rowing caps and bursting out in a Happy Birthday song, with an American, Australian, British, French, Irish and Swedish (actually Scanian) twang to it!

So, Many Happy Returns, Tom, or as the ancient Romans used to say, Multos & foelices.

* Two-time Pulitzer Prize-winning Jim Morin has been an internationally syndicated editorial cartoonist at the Miami Herald since 1978, prior to which he was one of Tom’s brother Richard’s best friends at boarding school. Richard asked Morin to do something for Tom’s birthday – the result you see on top. Very clever, me thinks. HTBS is grateful to Jim Morin for allowing us to publish his birthday cartoon to Tom.

**At HTBS, we create our own rules on titles. However, it should be known that Tom is half Kiwi, so by birthright half of him is a Commonwealth subject. He is also one of the few Americans born in Kabul.


  1. Happy Birthday Tom! Wishing you many more.
    Coach Jon – Too close to ‘Home’ for me but I am smiling.
    Tom Cook

  2. He is indeed a great and noble wanderer. As Tennyson could have written of him:

    “…I am become a name;
    For always roaming with a hungry heart
    Much have I seen and known; cities of men
    And manners, climates, councils, governments,
    Myself not least, but honour’d of them all….”

    Happy 70th birthday Tom. May your oar always smite the sounding furrows well.

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