WRMR 2018: Picture Cavalcade

The opening ceremony on Wednesday, 26 September, included live music and a show featuring performances by the Circus Arts Conservatory in Sarasota. There were also food trucks available for the hungry. Here three gentlemen from Sweden have sat down to enjoy the food, a nice chat, some jokes and the evening sky, which almost turn this image into a religious scene. The ‘cross’ in the background is actually a loudspeaker.

1 October 2018

Photography by Marie Barge & Texts by Göran R Buckhorn

Marie Barge, whose husband Thomas, was racing at the World Rowing Masters Regatta at Nathan Benderson Park for his Swedish club, Malmö Roddklubb, is here sharing some of her beautiful photographs from the regatta. Enjoy.

Welcome to Sarasota-Bradenton for the 2018 World Rowing Masters Regatta.
Jugglers are getting ready to perform.
These performers look happy despite the height.
Another art form on the water. No, they were not pulled by an eight!
This is what Americans call beer. Some Europeans were sceptic, however.
The Swedes are having fun.
This oarsman from Jönköpings Roddsällskap, Sweden, is trying an American dish. As always, there is ketchup on it.
This vendor is selling food and has the different dishes on tables for those who are uncertain what ‘All American’ means.
Benderson Family Finish Tower.
The Sheriff is always present.
The celebrations ended with nice fireworks.
Day 1. Trying out the ergs.
Time for a double sculls race. Here some gentlemen from Uazaki, Kobe, Japan.
The rowing course at Nathan Benderson Park offers a splendid setting.
The Swedish combination Malmö/Jönköping near the finish line.
If you don’t row or race at World Rowing Masters Regatta – then you watch racing.

Photography: Marie Barge, copyright.

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