Anmahian Winton Architects to Design the Hart Perry Boathouse

The firm Anmahian Winton (AW) Architects is behind the Harry Parker Boathouse for Community Rowing, Inc., (CRI) in Boston.

3 May 2018

Göran R Buckhorn writes:

The Stonington Community Rowing Center (SCRC) project with the Hart Perry Boathouse is now entering a new exciting phase. The other day, the Friends of Stonington Crew (FOSC) Boathouse Committee selected Anmahian Winton (AW) Architects of Cambridge, MA, to design the Hart Perry Boathouse.

More than 25 architectural firms attended a tour of the site on Greenmanville Avenue in Mystic (Stonington), Connecticut, where the rowing center is going to be located. By mid-February, the boathouse committee had received 23 proposals from top architectural companies. Six of these firms were called back to meet with a seven-member architectural review group from the FOSC Boathouse Committee. After going through the proposals, the review group selected Anmahian Winton (AW) Architects, which has designed the Harry Parker Boathouse for Community Rowing, Inc. (CRI) in Boston, MA, which provides rowing opportunities to more than 5,000 people per year.

‘We believe AW’s innovative and creative approach to architecture will help us maximize our limited space and budget,’ Mike O’Neill, the committee’s Director of Rowing, said according to The Friends of Stonington Crew website.Also, the firm’s boathouse design experience with the nation’s largest community rowing center will help us fulfill Hart Perry’s vision for Stonington.’

‘AW achieved a level of community engagement nobody thought was possible in rowing. Hart Perry would be delighted to know that Stonington is putting a priority on innovation and creativity, as CRI did,’ Bruce Smith, CRI’s former Executive Director, said in a statement.

AW will now work with Mystic-based landscape architect Kent + Frost on the design for the rowing center and community park on the Mystic River. The public will be invited to view and comment on the project, according to the FOSC website.

For more information or to donate to the Hart Perry Boathouse, click here.

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