Dan Boyne Wonders Who is the Better Crew?

Photo: U.S. Coast Guard Academy.

29 March  2018

Göran R Buckhorn writes:

Here follows chapter 13 of “The Seven Seat: A True Story of Rowing, Redemption, and Revenge”, Dan Boyne’s tale about his rowing and sculling days in the 1970s at Trinity College in Hartford, Connecticut, a series published on Row2K’s website.

In this chapter, “Close Call at Coast Guard”, Dan Boyne and the lightweight crew travel down to New London and the Thames River to meet their arch rival, the Coast Guard, which has a member who was Dan’s high school nemesis, a bully named Michael Caluso.

At the weigh-in, the Coast Guard crew outweighed the Trinity crew by more than 5 pounds per man. Will Dan and his crew win any shirts at the first race of the season?

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