Tideway Week Tuesday: An Oxford Outing

The Oxford men’s boat awaits its crew.

20 March 2018

Tim Koch is on the waterfront.

Tuesday sees the second day of Tideway Week, the time when the crews have finished the hard training and are mostly involved in eating, sleeping, light paddling and photo opportunities. The morning saw the turn of the Oxford Men’s Blue Boat to be stalked by the press launch.

The Oxford line-up as it was at the weigh-in and crew announcement on 26 February. Left to right: Iain Mandale (B), Felix Drinkall (2), Will Cahill (3), Anders Weiss (4), Will Geffen (5), Joshua Bugajski (6), Claas Mertens (7), Vassilis Ragoussis (S), Zachary Thomas Johnson (Cox).
Oxford men’s coach, Sean Bowden (left), outside the Dark Blue’s Putney headquarters, Westminster School Boat Club.
Only seven oars?
OUBC goes afloat. The line-up was: Claas Mertens (B), Vassilis Ragoussis (2), Will Cahill (3), Anders Weiss (4), Will Geffen (5), Benedict Aldous (6), Iain Mandale (7), Felix Drinkall (Str), Zachary Thomas Johnson (Cox).
OUBC President Iain Mandale at ‘7’, Benedict Aldous at ‘6’.
The crew compressed.
Passing Barn Elms.
Approaching the Mile Post.
At Harrods.
A break at Chiswick.
Tideway conditions.
Going home ­- going through Barnes Bridge.
Rough water at Chiswick.
Starts at Putney.
After the outing, Rachel Quarrell Tweeted this. An official statement is expected around 3 p.m. GMT today.


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