The Rowers Conference

Eton College Rowing Centre at Dorney Lake.

12 January 2018

Later this month, on Sunday 21 January, a conference for rowers will be held at Dorney Lake, two miles west of Windsor and Eton. At The Rowers Conference – Rowing & Tech, international experts, practitioners, analysts and coaches will explore how the use of technology improves teams and individual performance in rowing.

According to the conference website the attendees will ‘Gain insights from experts in other sports. See up-to-date hardware and software to understand the implications for your squad or club. Rub shoulders with like-minded individuals facing similar challenges.’

The attendees will also learn how to use technology to add value to their training programme, monitor its impact and better exploit their training programme and improve performance. They will also learn why rowing is at the forefront of British Olympic sport.

Among the speakers are Robin Williams, Katherine Grainger, Rob Baker and Annamarie Phelps.

This is the second conference organised by, which is a platform for coaches and athletes to manage their training programs and data, and to communicate efficiently. Read more about here.

Tickets are £99 and can be bought here (where you will also get information and details about the conference and the other the speakers).

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