Honouring Our Own Tim Koch

In the beginning of July, Auriol Kensington RC added three new boats to its fleet. Naming the boats were the three club members who gave their names to the boats. From left to right: Tim Koch, Kate Rennoldson and Nick Hubbard. Photo: Auriol Kensington RC.

21 July 2017

On Sunday, 9 July, Auriol Kensington Rowing Club held an ‘Open Day’ when the club added three new boats to its fleet. One was named after ‘Hear the Boat Sing’ contributor Tim Koch. Jimmy Pigden, president of Auriol Kensington Rowing Club, writes from London:

In 1955, I joined Kensington Rowing Club and was secretary at the time of the merger with Auriol Rowing Club and I currently hold the office of president.

During my time at Auriol Kensington Rowing Club, I came across a young man named Koch, who I believe HTBS readers know very well. A couple of weekends ago, the club named three new boats – a sculling boat after Nick Hubbard and a pair after Kate Rennoldson, both of whom have held many offices, including Captains, and have done and are still doing a lot to support the club.

The boats: Tim Koch, Kate Rennoldson and Nick Hubbard. Photo: Twitter/Auriol Kensington RC.

The third boat was a coxless four which was named after our very own Tim. This is what I said at that occasion:

When we were thinking on names for the new boats many names came to mind and the thing I found difficult to understand was why the club had never named a boat after Tim Koch!

Tim has done so much for the club and continues to do so. I was going to try and make a list of the various offices he has held but it would be so long you would have all gone to sleep by the time I finished reading it.

So briefly, he was on the committee within a year of joining the club in 1985 and has not been off it since. That is a hell of a lot of committee meetings.

He did at least ten years as Secretary, three times as Captain and has been House Steward for longer than we can remember. He is also a Vice President and the self-appointed Archivist and Club Historian – just take a look at the layout of the photos etc. in our fine clubroom. That is all Tim’s work.

On the river he got to Senior B status and steered the Club’s Thames Cup crew at Henley in 2001 and 2002.

One last thing that Tim has done for many years is to organise the club’s annual three-day row to Henley on the weekend before the Royal Regatta. Having taken part in the row for many years, I know it is quite a feat to organise. We have two eights rowing up, so trying to get 18 oarsmen, who appear to be completely incapable of reading emails or even written instructions, to the right place at the right time is quite difficult.

Tim Koch naming Tim Koch. Photo: Auriol Kensington RC.

Editor’s Note: HTBS would like to join in to congratulate Tim on this honour – well done!


  1. Thank you Jimmy, very kind and very unexpected. I am still nowhere near your sixty-two years of service to the Club.

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