HWR at 30

Henley Women’s Regatta has a tradition of commissioning excellent posters every year. Andy Tuohy designed the one for 2017 and copies can be purchased from the regatta shop.

17 June 2017

Tim Koch sees the first of this year’s Henleys:

I hope that the cliché, ‘a picture paints a thousand words’ is true, if so here is a 18,000-word report on the opening day of Henley Women’s Regatta (HWR) on Friday, 16 June. I have another event to cover for HTBS on Saturday, but will be back at Henley for the finals day on Sunday. This means that I have no time for much text or for identifying some of the crews – but I trust that these pictures give some idea of the atmosphere on the first day of the 30th HWR. The weather was ideal and the event is now accepted by all as a three-day affair, not, as in the past, two days with part of a third day only witnessed by the competitors and officials. With the weather set to perhaps be ‘too hot’ for the next two days, it promises to be a classic Henley Women’s. Further, if the rumours are true, there is a surprise in store…

The first three hours were taken by time trials for oversubscribed events.
Reflections of HWR.
Oxford Brookes go afloat.
University College, London, and Geese, Canadian.
Deep thought by Imperial College.
University of St Andrews v Radcliffe Lightweights.
Walbrook v Leicester.
At the top of the Island.
Umpire Zoe Davies.
Auriol Kensington RC.
Northeastern University, USA, make a splash.
Passing Fawley Court, allegedly the inspiration for Toad Hall in “The Wind in the Willows”.
Exeter University BC.
Wallingford RC.
Auriol Kensington RC (again).
Cantabrigian Rowing Club.
We’ve qualified!

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