2017 Yale-Harvard Regatta: Gales Ferry Revisited

16 June 2017

Göran R Buckhorn writes:

For those of you who have read the 2017 Yale-Harvard Regatta articles on HTBS but maybe not seen the three races – or for those who would like to see the races again and again and again – here is your chance.

Added to these race videos are two other films, the first one is a historic piece about the Race from abcNEWS, “The History of the Harvard-Yale Regatta”.

The second one is from the HTBS YouTube channel, “10 June 2017 Gales Ferry – Yale wins Varsity to supporters delight”.

After six straight losses, 1908 – 1913, Yale won the 1914 Race on the Thames River on 19 June. That day, Yale and Harvard also met in another race, for Second Varsity, the first one in the history of the rivalry between the two universities – Harvard won this race. Two weeks later, on 4 July, Harvard Second Varsity celebrated American Independence Day in England by taking the Grand Challenge Cup at Henley Royal Regatta, the first American crew to win this Cup. In an e-mail, Tom Weil writes, ‘The victory of the Yale 1V over the Harvard 1V, which was presumably superior to the Harvard 2V, would suggest that, had the Yale 1V raced for the Grand, it would have been the first American crew to win it.’ Image courtesy Tim Koch.

Enjoy the videos!

Third Varsity two-mile race:

Second Varsity three-mile race:

‘The Sexton Cup is ours!’

Varsity four-mile race:

“10 June 2017 Gales Ferry – Yale wins Varsity to supporters delight”:

HTBS’s Tim Koch’s favourite image of the Yale Team., ‘Handsome Dan’.

Editor’s Note: This article was updated on 16 June, clarifying some misleading facts in the caption about the 1914 Yale-Harvard Regatta and Harvard’s participation in the Grand at Henley.

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