Contenders On The Waterfront: Pictures From Tideway Week, Part II

Isis from above. The Oxford men’s reserves go under Hammersmith Bridge.

31 March 2017

Tim Koch turns his camera on the men who are in final preparation for Boat Race Day on Sunday:

The Oxford Men’s Blue Boat at Hammersmith.
Sam Collier, Oxford cox. A product of Hampton School, he steered Isis in 2015 and the Blue Boat in 2016.
At Hammersmith Bridge.
Olivier Siegelaar hangs his 100 kg onto the end of his blade. The oldest man in the race, he has competed in the last three Olympics. In 2016, he won gold at the First and the Second World Cups before winning bronze in the Dutch eight at the Rio Olympics.
At Chiswick Eyot.
James Cook is at ‘7’, a Blue and the little brother of Oliver Cook at ‘3’. A former GB Under 23 rower, in 2012 he won the Prince Albert Challenge Cup at Henley.
A burst at Chiswick.
In the Oxford bow is William Warr, one of only three men who have rowed in the Boat Race for both universities. A former GB Under 23 oar, last year he won the Ladies’ Plate at Henley.
Cox Collier faces stroke, Vassilis Ragoussis. Whilst at Abingdon School, ‘Vas’ won the ‘Triple Crown’ of the School’s Head, The National Schools Regatta and the Princess Elizabeth Challenge Cup at Henley. In 2013, he won the Thames Cup with the Abingdon School alumni.
Approaching Chiswick Steps, one of the race’s timing points.
Oxford Chief Coach, Sean Bowden. This will be his 23rd season involved with the Boat Race, consisting of three years at Cambridge, 1992-1994, and 20 years at Oxford since 1998.
Alongside Dukes Meadows, Chiswick.
Sitting at ‘3’ and ‘4’ for the Dark Blues are Oliver Cook and Joshua Bugajski. Cook won the Ladies Plate at Henley Regatta in 2012 and in 2016 was first in the M2+ at the World Championships. Bugajski is a returning Blue and raced for Great Britain at the 2012 U23 World Championships.
The end of another outing for Oxford.
Cambridge President and Blue, Lance Tredell, who rows at ‘7’. He has raced for GB since 2012 and he won the Ladies Plate in 2013.
Goldie, the Cambridge Men’s Reserve Crew, go afloat on an early Putney morning.
Cambridge shoot Hammersmith Bridge.
Along the Surrey Bank at Hammersmith.
At the Cambridge pointy end, Ben Ruble at bow, Freddie Davidson at ‘2’. This will be the experienced Ruble’s third race. St Paul’s School alumnus Davidson, is according to ’Fatsculler’ Daniel Spring, ‘one of the most exciting young oarsmen in Britain’.
A burst past Harrods.
James Letten, the self described ‘ginger giant’ at ‘3’, is 208 cm/6ft 10in (the tallest man ever to row in the Boat Race) 106 kg/16 st 9 lbs. Daniel Spring says ‘If Cambridge coach Steve Trapmore has found a way of transferring that huge power into an effective boat mover (something Letten’s U.S. coaches haven’t yet managed) then he could provide a massive engine to the Light Blue boat’.
Cambridge Chief Coach, Steve Trapmore, by the Mile Post (top left). A gold medalist rowing in the eight at the Sydney Olympics, Trapmore is in his seventh season with CUBC and his crews have won twice during that period.
Patrick Eble at ‘6’, the already mentioned Lance Tredall at ‘7’ and Henry Meek at stroke. Eble from Pennsylvania has rowed with the U.S. Junior Squad and with Princeton University. The Australian Meek has an amazing record including multiple wins at the U.S. IRA Nationals and at Henley.
Approaching Putney Bridge.
Behind Patrick Eble is ‘5’ man Canadian, Aleksander Malowany, a Henley and multiple IRA winner.
Goldie, the Cambridge reserves, rest by the bandstand at Chiswick. Driving the launch is indefatigable Old Blue, Donald Legget, a man who has been involved in coaching at Cambridge for nearly 50 years.

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