New Masters Regatta Club Trophies

2016 World Rowing Master Regatta on Lake Bagsvaerd, outside Copenhagen. Photo: Jan Servin/Servin Design.

6 March 2017

Last week, World Rowing (FISA) announced two new trophies for Master rowers, World Rowing Master Regatta Club Trophy, which will give credit to their club. The trophies, one for men’s events and one for women’s events, will be presented for the first time in September at the 2017 World Rowing Master Regatta in Bled, Slovenia.

In a statement about the new trophies, Tone Pahle, chair of the FISA Masters Commission, said: ‘The trophy is a great opportunity for clubs to be showcased at the World Rowing Masters Regatta. It will give better recognition to clubs who enter many events and encourage their team spirit. Additionally it will promote friendly competition between clubs.’

FISA has come up with a point system where club crews – and only crews comprised entirely from one club – will be awarded points depending on where they placed in a field between first and eighth place. Respectively, the trophy will go to the club that has earned the most points at the end of a regatta.

All ages between 27 and 92 years old and gender categories will be allocated points in the same manner.

An eight will receive between 36 points (1st place) to 4 points (8th place); a coxed/coxless four and quad will receive between 27 points (1st place) to 3 points (8th place); double and pair will receive between 20 points (1st place) to 2 points (8th place); and single scull will receive between 15 points (1st place to 1 point (8th place).

Find the fine print here.

One comment

  1. Oh dear, I’m afraid I have to be contrarian here. “Masters” rowing offers little to the future of the sport, but much for the self-deluded and the never were. FISA should be putting more effort into lightweight rowing, which will open the sport to many new countries, and showcase the great quality racing that comes with lightweight events.

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