Election Day!

americanflag8 November 2016

HTBS’s editor Göran R Buckhorn writes:

As you all know, today the USA is voting for a new president. In the 2012 presidential election, 241 million Americans were allowed to vote, but only 53.6 per cent, or 129.1 million, actually cast votes for president. It is, however, believed that more people will vote this time – I will not be one of them. While I am a so-called permanent resident, I am not a U.S. citizen and therefore not allowed to vote (I am, on the other hand, allowed to pay taxes…).

Writing this the evening before the election, none of the two candidates seems to have a lead in the polls, so it looks like it can go either way. Although, one should never trust polls, just see what happened in Great Britain in May, when the country voted in a referendum for staying or leaving the European Union. The polls showed a lead for the ‘stay’ side, but instead the Brits ended up with a messy Brexit.

Neither of the American presidential candidates has a background as a rower, which makes it impossible for a rowing fan like me to cast my vote, if I had one. But this is not a political forum or platform, so this is not the right place to expose where my feelings lie. Let me just say that I am a great supporter of female rowers.

A young FDR.
A young FDR.

Off hand, I can only remember two American presidents who had a rowing background, Teddy Roosevelt and FDR. In this matter, the USA is far behind Great Britain and Australia, both countries having had prime ministers who rowed at school and at university.

Depending on who wins this election tonight, there might not be an entry on HTBS tomorrow. If the presidential candidate, who does not like foreign aliens on U.S. soil, wins, my family and I are heading north to the Canadian border. We would like to pass over the border before the Canadians start building a wall to keep us political refugees out. 😉


  1. So if this is a non political column, why not have made sure to avoid a pejorative phrase like “messy Brexit”? Quite unworthy of you, sir; unnecessary, and marring the usual high standard of reporting.
    It’s bad enough when the Poetry creeps in, but poor politics cheapens your brand.
    Otherwise an HTBS admirer.

    • Reply to Stephen Williams:

      No, I am not trying to turn HTBS into a political column. However, we do allow ourselves a non-rowing one-off article now and then, though rowing is mentioned in the piece above. Personally, I do not regard ‘messy Brexit’ as a political phrase, I am merely stating a sad fact that Great Britain has now a lot to sort out before it can move forward.

  2. Whether she ever took a stroke on a thwart, I don’t know, but only one of the candidates has degrees from both the first men’s college to have a rowing club (Yale) and the first women’s college to have a rowing club (Wellesley), which should be enough to decide the matter for any rowing history enthusiast …

  3. Stephen,

    Göran did not say that Brexit is bad or good,
    ‘Messy’ only means the process is not understood.

    If he used a word that’s a bit pejorative,
    Perhaps ‘shambolic’ is one more authoritative?

    Sorry about the poem, but it could be worse,
    I could have made it longer, and in blank verse.


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