Bumps Diary Part 10: May Bumps – Excitement and Drama

Pembroke W1 racing on the Cam at May Bumps. Photo: Matevz Poljanc.
Pembroke W1 racing on the Cam at May Bumps. Photo: Matevz Poljanc.

14 June 2016

Courtney Landers
Courtney Landers

Here follows Courtney Landers’s tenth part of her diary about how she and her team mates in Pembroke College BC’s W1 prepared for May Bumps on the River Cam. Race report to follow next week.

May Bumps never fails to bring excitement and drama, and this year was no exception. It was a long week, and at times much harder than we’d expected. Although in no way unsuccessful, our campaign was very different to what we expected. Clearly we entertained because there are photos galore of us, and even some footage. In order to incorporate all of the visual evidence available, it’s going to take me another week to get permissions and obtain high-res files.

Plus, I wasn’t completely honest last week – in order not to tip off our competition, I omitted the fact that we had an injury in the boat that resulted in us having a substitute on board for Bumps.

Paying proper tribute to our selfless sub and the boat we took her from will also take a little extra time, but I want to do it properly because we are truly so grateful. So till next week, I leave you with the above photo of us charging up the river on day three, captured by Matevz Poljanc, a member of our M3 crew.

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