Women’s Rowing History Ph.D.

Eton Dorney, Windsor, Great Britain,..2012 London Olympic Regatta, Dorney Lake. Eton Rowing Centre, Berkshire. Dorney Lake. ..Final Women's Double Scull, GBR W2X, Bow Anna WATKINS and Katherine GRAINGER ..12:52:08 Friday 03/08/2012 [Mandatory Credit: Peter Spurrier/Intersport Images]
2012 London Olympic Regatta, at Dorney Lake. Eton Rowing Centre, Berkshire. Final Women’s Double Scull, GBR W2X with Bow Anna Watkins (right) and Katherine Grainger. Photo: Peter Spurrier/Intersport Images.
18 April 2016

Manchester Metropolitan University in collaboration with the River & Rowing Museum in Henley-in-Thames are accepting applications for a fully funded Ph.D. titled ‘Women’s Role in British Competitive Rowing during the Second Half of the Twentieth Century’.

The aim of the project is to address the visible and invisible barriers that have influenced British women’s engagement with competitive rowing since 1945. Research areas to be addressed include the key events in the timeline of women’s involvement in competitive rowing, the individuals involved, and the trajectory of female engagement with the Olympic Games.

For more information and to apply please visit the River & Rowing Museum jobs page – here.

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