New Rowing Book: A Sea To Row By – Poems by Philip Kuepper

Today ‘Hear The Boat Sing’ (HTBS) publishes its second book, A Sea To Row By – Poems by Philip Kuepper. HTBS editor Göran R Buckhorn explains how it came to be.

Göran writes:

Philip W Kuepper
Philip W Kuepper

In March 2009, I founded the rowing history blog ‘Hear The Boat Sing’ (HTBS). A year later, my friend Philip Kuepper, a local poet in Mystic, dropped off a small batch of poems at my door, all with rowing content, unobtrusively asking if I might be interested in his poems for HTBS. It was with great pleasure I posted his first rowing poem, “The Race”, on the blog on 13 March 2010. The first seven lines read:

All that year, he rose,
just after dawn broke
light across the sky.
He took his shell to the river,
laid it on the water,
and slipped quietly,
effortlessly, into rowing.

Since then it has rolled on. By now Philip has had more than 100 rowing poems posted on HTBS.

Being in contact with many readers, I came to understand that Philip rowing poetry has many admirers. Philip’s poems have topics about everything between the daily life and the divine, and some have been inspired from his many travels in Europe. They are carefully crafted, some witty and several with a wonderful twist at the end. Early last year, I decided that HTBS should publish a slim volume of Philip’s rowing poems. From the slightly more than 100 poems on HTBS, I therefore selected 25 that would form the first part of this collection. For the second part of his book, Philip wrote 15 rowing poems that have never been printed, neither on the web nor in print.

It is with great pleasure I announce that the book, which Philip has given the title A Sea To Row By – Poems, is now out.

A Sea To Row By - coverHere is some information about A Sea To Row By – Poems:

Author: Philip Watson Kuepper

Publisher: Hear The Boat Sing (HTBS)

Pages: 64

ISBN 978-0-692-59290-8

Release date: Now!

Retail price: $13.00/£8.50

At this point, A Sea To Row By – Poems is available online at

We hope to soon have signed copies available at:

Mystic Seaport Bookstore, Mystic, Connecticut, (1) 860.572.5386
Bank Square Books, Mystic, Connecticut, (1 )860.536.3795

Great Britain:
Richard Way Book Shop, Henley-on-Thames, (44) -0- 1491 576663 (if you are calling from outside Great Britain, please dial the number without the initial zero)

One comment

  1. Your book arrived today . Your poems are most impressive and its great that we have poems on rowing as a subject. I got it via amazon.
    Oddly they put it in a large package such that I had to go and collect it from the local post office. Otherwise it should have easliy gone through my Uk sized letterbox.

    I assume you wrote the old rower before Darryl Srickler died.

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