Hear How the Hull Sings…

On 11 December, in a piece called “A Fast Boat”, rowing historian Bill Lanouette wrote that he was going for an outing in the so-called Stämpfli Express, or Stämpfli24x, with members of his club, San Diego RC.

In this follow-up piece, Bill tells how it was to move this 44-metre long shell. Bill writes:

‘What’s amazing about this 48-oared shell is its concentrated power. Its structure is rigid, and while wide-bodied the contour is proportionally slim and stable. When 24 rowers pull a racing start the result is amazing.

In the link below, check video clip 5 for a view of yours truly (waving from seat 20, with white cap and white shirt). In clip 6 check how this shell moves out at a low stroke (26) on two eights in a “race”. It’s thrilling to feel how the hull hums through the water – or should I say sings?’

To view the video clips from San Diego RC’s YouTube channel, click here.

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