The 2015 Silver Skiff Regatta

The 2015 Silver Skiff winner Martin Sinkovic and his second-placed brother Valent
The 2015 Silver Skiff winner Valent Sinkovic (on the right) and his second-placed brother, Martin, of Coatia.

The 2015 Silver Skiff Regatta was held during the past weekend in Turin, Italy. This year’s regatta, a competition which saw the light of day in 1992 with just a handful of scullers participating, had slightly more than 500 athletes from 25 different countries racing on the 11 km long course. Some of the scullers came from nations as far away as Brazil, Iran and New Zealand.

The winner in the men’s race (and overall winner) was Valent Sinkovic, Croatia, in 40:27.43, who beat his younger brother, Martin, with a second, at 40:28.59. Martin Sinkovic won the Silver Skiff in 2014. The four-time Silver Skiff winner, Mahe Drysdale, New Zealand, came third, in 40:31.93. The women’s category was won by Carline Bouw, the Netherlands, in 46:12.81, with second-placed Ladina Meier, Switzerland, barely a canvas behind, in 46:13.06. Eveline Peterman, Belgium, was third, in 46:19.98.

As usual there was also a race held for juniors on a 4,000-metre distance. This year the junior race, Kinder Skiff, had 316 scullers from four countries, Italy, Switzerland, France and Greece. The junior men’s race was won by Gabriel Soares, Italy, and the junior women’s race by Giovanna Schettino.

Full result lists can be found here.

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