Sweat, Strive, Row….

Winning photographs in the “We Sweat ~ We Strive ~ We Row” contest. Photos: worldrowing.com

The winning crew at this year’s Women’s Eights Head of the River Race was the combination Army BC/Imperial College BC/London RC/Marlow RC/Minerva-Bath RC/Oxford Brookes University BC/Southampton Coalporters ARC. Second crew to cross the finish line was Leander Club A. Find all the results here.

Leander Club I was the first crew to cross the finish line at this year’s men’s Head of the River Race. Leander was well ahead of Molesey I, which was 17 seconds behind. Read the results here.

More than 500 photographs were sent in to the World Rowing’s photo contest “We Sweat ~ We Strive ~ We Row”, which was organised in conjunction with the 2015 International Women’s Day to show support for women in rowing around the globe. ‘The photos’, World Rowing writes in its latest Newsletter, ‘demonstrated truly incredible passion for the sport in a variety of ways.’ World Rowing continues: ‘Six photos were randomly chosen as the “winners” and [. . .] these photos came from Beatriz Garroux, Brooke Mooney, Bruce Jenkins, Samaakhya Gajanayake, Ed Dobento and Little big rower.’ Congratulations to the winners! Read more about “We Sweat ~ We Strive ~ We Row” here.

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