Win or Lose – and Our Saviour

Göran R Buckhorn writes:

I have many favorites among Steve Fairbairn’s sayings – the ones that his friend Freddy Brittain selected in the pamphlet Slowly Forward (1929) – but if I can only choose one, it’s the one for 24 January: “Enjoy your rowing, win or lose”.

Sir Winston Churchill, who died 50 years ago today, received a state funeral, and his coffin was carried on the Thames by Havengore, which on Friday will do the voyage again in remembrance.

Then I cannot help myself to mention a non-rowing related thing that has to do with 24 January: today is the 50-year anniversary of Sir Winston Churchill’s death, on 24 January 1965. Churchill, being one of my heroes since childhood, had many faults and he did many blunders during his political career, but despite of all his mistakes and shortcomings, he is the saviour of Western civilization, and for that he should be remembered. On Friday, 30 January, the boat that carried his coffin from Tower Bridge to Westminster, Havengore, will again do the voyage, this time to ferry members of the Churchill family to Westminster.

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