Who Wants Some Old Rowing Historians?

What to do with the rowing artefacts in the Blunt White Building at Mystic Seaport, Mystic, Connecticut, is one thing, another question is what to do with the rowing historians? From left: Göran R Buckhorn, Tom Weil, Biddle Morris, Ed Monahan and Tom Sanford. Missing: Bill Miller. Photo: Gill Perry.

Today, a gloomy and rainy day in Connecticut, the good fellows at the moving company The Gentle Giant came to pick up what rowing historians Bill Miller and Tom Weil, and some volunteers of the National Rowing Foundation had packed during several days: the remaining rowing artefacts in the Rowing Hall of Fame and the rowing history exhibit, “Let Her Run”. The morning started with some refreshment brought in by Gill Perry, champagne and cookies. Although, a sad occasion, as we do not know when ‘the Hall’ and all the wonderful rowing memorabilia will be on display again, there was still room for some ‘play’, which is obvious from some of these photographs, taken by Gill. The last things leaving the rowing exhibit in the Blunt White Building at Mystic Seaport, it was said, were the rowing historians and the NRF’s volunteers – splendid people all!

Tom Weil, a famous rowing historian
Here we have a well-preserved rowing historian, Tom Weil, Yale ’70, still in the display case at the Blunt White Building. Photo: Gill Perry.
Now out of the display cases, from left: Biddle Morris, Bill Miller, Tom Weil, Gill Perry, Ed Monahan, Göran R Buckhorn and Tom Sanford.

HTBS promise to give more information where and when the Rowing Hall of Fame and the rowing exhibit will open again, when we have the information.

Talking about ‘play’, here is Tom W. and Bill M. with the first prototype model of Tom’s new gig, building eights. This is a unique Weil, Hull #1, named “The Buckhorn”, signed by both Bill and Tom – it seems the Buckhorn Family’s economy is hereby secured, eBay next? Photo: G.R. Buckhorn.


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