Last Day with the Gang…

Rowing historian Tom Weil wraps up the last of his enormous collection of rowing memorabilia, which has been on display at the G.W. Blunt White Building in Mystic.

Göran R Buckhorn writes:

Yesterday, a small group of rowing history enthusiasts wrapped up the  last memorabilia and other rowing ‘stuff’ in the G.W. Blunt White Building at Mystic Seaport in Mystic, Connecticut. Just some weeks ago, the ‘Blunt White’ was the location of the National Rowing Foundation’s National Rowing Hall of Fame, with a special rowing history exhibition, “Let Her Run”. The ‘enthusiasts’, Bill Miller, Tom Weil, Tom Sanford, Edward Monahan and yours truly, had been in the group who, seven years earlier, built up the exhibit. Display cases were built for rowing trophies, pots, medals, posters, prints, trading cards, ‘rowing bling’, regatta programmes, magazines, books, etc. Most of these things belonged to Tom Weil. During the seven-year period, the Rowing Hall was welcoming rowers from all over the States and different parts of the world, Rowing History Forums were organised in the building and two Rowing Hall of Fame inductee parties were held here – what wonderful times! But it was not to last. In the beginning of September, the ‘Blunt White’ closed. Due to Mystic Seaport’s re-organisation of the museum’s grounds, the building with the rowing artefacts is going to be demolished in November this year and leave room for a new, large exhibit building, which is also going to act as the museum’s new main entrance.

We had a good run…

Here are some photographs from the ‘last day with the gang’.

Rowing prints, paintings and posters ready to be transported into storage till a new location has been found for the Rowing Hall of Fame and the rowing exhibit.
More prints of boats and oarsmen…
An old poster for a regatta on the Charles in Boston.
Where and when will this sign go up again?
Tom Weil among the now empty display cases. Is this going to be the last box?
A little different rowing trophy, an ostrich with an egg, handed out at a German regatta in 1911.
The Kelly Award, soon to be packed up.
The last boxes in the ‘back stacks’.
A poster from the 1974 World Rowing Championships, held in Lucerne, Switzerland
An old rowing machine, long before the erg.
A whole box (?) of old Paul Stuart ties – have you ever seen an uglier tie?

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