2014 Henley Women’s Regatta Starts Today!

Photo:  HWR.org.uk

Today, the Henley Women’s Regatta starts and goes on until 22 June. Though living in the shade of the Henley Royal Regatta (which will be held in two weeks), the Women’s Henley is the largest regatta in England for women. This weekend more than one thousand six hundred women – on an international level, Senior and Intermediate level for clubs and universities, and race experience and development for Schools, Juniors and Under-16s – are expected to race. Crews are coming from all around Great Britain, Ireland, France, New Zealand and the U.S. From the latter country, I was happy to read that Bowdoin College, Maine, is sending two coxed fours. Bowdoin actually started their rowing programme (for men) already in 1858, but after a couple of decades the programme died, but was brought to life again in 1986.

Bowdoin’s Women’s Varsity 1 boat, called the Gibbons, with Katie Ross ’14, Emily Martin ’15, Courtney Payne ’15, Mary Bryan Barksdale ’15 and coxswain Sophie Berubé ’16 won the Reading Amateur Regatta last weekend.

Read more about Henley Women’s Regatta here.

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