Another ‘Silver Man’

HTBS received an e-mail from Derek Gordon in Northern Ireland, who rowed at Trinity College Dublin and for Neptune Rowing Club in the 1970s and 1980s. After having read the post on 2 April about the statue ‘The Silver Man’, Derek was hoping that he would find an answer to a question he has. Derek writes: ‘I attach some pictures of a recent find bought on ebay. I have no information on its age or origins, though I think its from England. Perhaps your wider readership might have some idea. The silver plated figure is about 10 cm to the top of the oar and he stands on a plain wooden base.’ See the photograph above and the two photographs below.

About statues and rowing prizes, Derek continues to write: ‘Incidentally, the Irish Senior Rowing Pot has a figure holding an oar on the lid, a picture of which can be seen on the inside cover of Micheal Johnston’s excellent book The Big Pot the Story of the Irish Senior Rowing Championship, 1912- 1991 (1992). Sadly the original trophy was stolen in the 1980s, there is now a slightly smaller replica in use.’

If anyone among the readers has an answer or information on Derek’s ‘man’, please leave a comment, or send an e-mail to HTBS editor, at gbuckhorn  – at – gmail – dot – com and we will post the answer. Thank you!

On the same matter as ‘The Silver Man’, right now our colleagues at Rowperfect have a question from a reader who has a similar rowing statue. Take a look here.

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