Sunday CUBC v Molesey BC Race

A photograph from a last year Boat Race fixture at Putney Embankment.

Tomorrow, Sunday 16 March, there will be another Boat Race fixture on the River Thames. Cambridge Blue Boat will race against Molesey Boat Club starting from Putney Embankment at 12:45. There will be live tweeting from @theboatrace during the fixture, and a race report will be posted online at later that the day.

If you are at Putney Embankment half an hour earlier, at 12:15, you can watch Goldie go out against another crew from Molesey BC.

The two crews starting at 12:45 have the following line-up:
Bow: Michael Thorp
2: Luke Juckett
3: Ivo Dawkins
4: Steve Dudek
5: Helge Gruetjen
6: Matthew Jackson
7: Joshua Hooper
Stroke: Henry Hoffstot
Cox: Ian Middleton

Bow: Sam Scrimegour
2: Pete Robinson
3: Matt Tarrant
4: Fred Gill (Cambridge Blue 2010, Goldie 2009)
5: Mo Sbihi
6: Phil Congdon
7: George Nash (Cambridge Blue 2010, 11 and 13, Goldie 2009)
Stroke: James Foad
Cox: Henry Fieldman (Cambridge Blue 2013)

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