When Rowing Ideas are Running Dry….


As you readers know, here at HTBS we are interested in both rowing and ‘style’, so we cannot help posting this film about a London RC crew who, in 1967, goes from an outing to the gentleman shop Moss Bros. for morning suits as one member of the crew is getting married.

Not everyone knows the rules for when to wear a morning suit, but at least a few of us are aware that it can (should?) be worn by a groom at his daytime wedding. Some ill-advised fellows are trying to get away by wearing a ‘tux’ for their daytime wedding. Read what GQ magazine’s ‘Style Guy’ says about that here. If you wonder, yes, I wore morning dress for my wedding, however I did not wear my school tie, but I did have a boutonnière.

Regarding formal dress, read also this.

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