Postcard Overprint 2: Happy New Year

Rowing by Promenade and Landing Stages, Ipswich Docks, Suffolk, Posted 1907.

Greg Denieffe writes:

This is another example of an ‘overprint’ that usually sold as a standard postcard, the Greeting stamped on the front of the card being ‘To Wish You a Bright and Happy New Year’.

Thanks to an article in the Ipswich Star on 12 December 2006 we can identify the crew featured as that of the Orwell Rowing Club. Its caption for a similar picture reads:

Members of the Orwell Rowing Club in a postcard view from around 1910. They are in New Cut on the River Orwell. The often pungent smell from the River Orwell of that period is overlooked in these charming old photographs.

The photograph can be dated to at least seven years earlier from a B&W version sold on eBay in September 2013 that was posted in 1903.

Rowing at Landing Stages, Ipswich Docks, Suffolk, Posted 1903.

Orwell Works Rowing Club was the rowing club of Ransomes, Sims & Jefferies Ltd  an agricultural machinery factory based in IpswichSuffolk.

One comment

  1. Hi,
    I think you are confusing the Orwell Works Rowing Club with The Orwell Rowing Club. These were different clubs – as you say, The Orwell Works Club was for employees of Ransome, Sims and Head(Jefferies) indeed one of the earlier crews contained a Mr Ransome, but ORC existed a number of times, overlapping with OWRC.
    Chris Jillings
    Captain – Ipswich Rowing Club

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