10 Years Celebration for Coxmate

The Australian-based company Coxmate, which sells advanced electronics for rowing, has turned ten and is celebrating with publishing an ebook, The Future of Rowing. It contains ten interviews with people who are involved in rowing. They each bring a unique perspective, from the Chairman of Henley Royal Regatta to the umpire, coaches, a boatbuilder and a master rower. These ten different perspectives give great views of the latest ten years, but they also offer predictions for the future of our sport.

The interviewees are: Mike Sweeney, the Henley Royal Regatta Chairman; Alistair Isherwood, a school rowing coach; Brett Woolfitt, an umpire; Bryan Kitch, the rowing journalist, who is running the blog Rowing Related and who very kindly mentions HTBS in his article; Ed Maxwell, a junior coach; Pat Brownrigg, a boathouse manager; “Mr. Coxmate” Peter Hodson, the founder of Coxmate; Rebecca Caroe, the rowing retailer; Stuart Wilson, boatbuilder and general manager at Sykes Racing Boats; and Tonia Williams, a Master rower, who is also a rowing artist.

You are able to get your free copy of this ebook by clicking on the following link: The Future of Rowing.

Coxmate’s Peter Hodson’s innovative nature has led to the company delivering some world “firsts” for the sport: first micro-impeller for coxless boats, first 4-speaker harness, first magnetic electrical contacts for controllers, and first integral GPS speed measurement.

Read more on Coxmate’s website.

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