A Footnote: A HTBS Top Six!

Today it happened again (for the second time in the history of HTBS), a little ‘unique’ event: for six days all six of HTBS’s contributors had a blog entry posted. Today Louis Petrin of Australia had a post (see below), yesterday HTBS’s own Rowing Poet Laureate Philip Kuepper graced these pages with a new poem, the day before that Hélène Rémond of France wrote about a Belgian rowing club’s anniversary, and the day before that Irishman Greg Denieffe wrote about an interesting footnote of the 1936 Olympic Games, on last Tuesday Tim Koch gave a report about this year’s GRR, and yours truly had a short piece about the most famous professional oarsmen, Ned Hanlan, on Monday. A week with what we call a HTBS Top Six!

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