Konnichiwa Tokyo

An impression of the proposed ‘Sea Forest Waterway’ in Tokyo Bay.

Tim Koch writes,

The International Olympic Committee announced yesterday, 7 September, that Tokyo will host the 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games. HTBS has previously written about the spectacular venue for the 2016 Olympic Regatta, a natural lagoon surrounded by the city of Rio de Janeiro and the Tijuca National Park. The rowing venue for 2020 will also be in the centre of the host city, in this case the ‘Sea Forest Waterway’, a man-made island to be constructed in Tokyo Bay. It is difficult to access the official website at the time of writing, a few hours after the announcement, but details on Tokyo’s unsuccessful 2016 bid are obtainable and it is fairly safe to assume that the Japanese Olympic Committee’s broad plans remain unchanged.

Japan also hosted the 1964 Games where the rowing consisted of seven events for men.

The rowing venue is number 21 on this map produced for Tokyo’s 2016 bid.

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