Groovy, R&R

I know that this is way overdue for those of you living in Great Britain, but today I received my copy of British Rowing’s magazine Rowing & Regatta, the June/July issue. Of course, some of the articles feel ‘old’, all the preview pieces of the World Cup II at Eton Dorney, for example, but it is my own fault for living far away. My favourite article, however, is Martin Cross’s piece “Legends of Nottingham” about the bands that played at Nottingham RC between 1962 and 1981. You name a great blues or rock legend or band, and they were probably playing there – incredible! I am happy to add this knowledge to HTBS’s ‘oddities’, which gives rowing history that little extra dimension.

If you have not seen this copy, contact immediately British Rowing, R&R, to get your own copy, here.

Photograph for this article from Cross’s article in R&R.

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