Harry Parker, 1935 – 2013

Harry at his last Henley in 2012.

Tim Koch writes.

I would like to add to the hundreds of tributes to the late Harry Parker by reproducing part of my report on the 2012 Henley Royal Regatta. Below a picture of Harry talking with Steve Redgrave, I wrote:

The legendary Harry Parker, Harvard coach for fifty years. It was his 11th Henley win…. In his speech, Henley Chairman Mike Sweeney paid tribute to Harry’s semi-centenary and the crowd responded warmly to the sentiment. I witnessed a most telling incident which showed the respect and affection with which Coach Parker is held. A very senior Steward of the Regatta, a man who is the epitome of the British ‘stiff upper lip’, greeted Harry with a spontaneous hug. You have to be very special for an Englishman of this gentleman’s age and class to act like this.

Harry’s last Henley win. His crew won the 2012 Ladies’ Plate by one foot, going ahead of the opposition in the last few strokes.

Here is what is published in the Harvard Gazette today.

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