Photographs from 2013 Henley Women’s Regatta

A heat of the Senior 4x. Molesey BC lost to Nottingham RC.

HTBS’s Tim Koch went to Henley Women’s Regatta where he took some lovely photographs (©). Full list of race results at the bottom of this page.

The course from start to finish. The long lens makes it look less than its 1500m.

A heat of Adaptive Trunk & Arms 1x. Guildford RC (Birkinshaw) beat Oundle RC (Connon).

A heat of the School Junior 4x, Eton Excelsior v Gloucester. The Umpire’s view.

Eton Excelsior v Gloucester. EEBC initially take the lead.

Eton Excelsior v Gloucester. GRC go through EEBC to win the heat. They went on to win the final.

Elite Lwt 2- won by Durham University over Mortlake, Anglian and Alpah BC.

Senior Lwt 2x won by Mortlake, Anglian and Alpha Boat Club over Wallingford RC.

Academic 4+ won by Exeter University over Manchester University.

Club Eights won by Lea RC over Galway RC.

Academic 8+ won by University of London over Reading University.

Senior 4x won by Nottingham RC over Wallingford RC.

J16 4x won my Marlow RC over Tideway Scullers School.

J16 4+ won by Weybridge RC over Sir William Borlase’s Grammer School BC.

School Junior 2x won by Norske Studenter of Norway over Nottingham RC.

You will find all the results here.

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