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Yesterday, HTBS received a nice e-mail from Irish oarsman and poet Barry Currivan of Neptune Rowing Club, whom Tim Koch wrote about in an entry on 30 April, 2012. Barry is the creator of memorable verse lines like:

Approaching Remenham Club
We could hear the clink of glasses
Of ancient oarsmen
Drinking Pimms
And talking through their asses.

From his poem “High Noon: Henley” in Inside Rowing The Outside Handbook.

Barry writes that he just donates copies of his funny collection of poems to Oxfam Bookshop in 14 Duke Street, Henley-on-Thames. Good to know for those of you who are planning to visit Henley Women’s Regatta this weekend or the upcoming Henley Royal Regatta in the beginning of July.

HTBS’s Greg Denieffe pointed out this video with Barry, who is reading his “High Noon: Henley”:

HTBS warmly recommend you to purchase several copies of Barry’s Inside Rowing The Outside Handbook – it is a great present to give to both rowers and non-rowers in your life.

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