How Old is Sons of the Thames RC?

The following is a comment which was made to an old entry, but as it is not likely to be read where it ended up, and it is an interesting question, it get its on little post:

A friend of the club has just pointed out that Sons of the Thames were listed as third in the Town Challenge Cup of 1850. They have Wallingford against their name. We think of our history as dating from 1886. Does anyone know if the name was used as a descriptive term or is it likely to refer to the club? We are slowly pulling together some photos and stories from the past at

See also here.

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  1. The Standard 28th July 1877

    International Regatta

    Next followed the races for the Tradesmen's Eights the prizes being 75s for the first boat 25 s for the second and 10s for the third, in the first heat the South Alliance beat the Defiance by two lengths in the second heat the Alliance Rowing Club beat Sons of the Thames rowing club by a little over a length; and in the third heat the Royal Engineers beat the Prince of Wales rowing Club after a splendid race the winners being over a length behind at the Crab Tree….

    The Management of the Regatta is by no means as perfect as it might be the omission of the colours in the handicap deprived the race of all interest, as it a questionable policy to allow the same men to row in professional as well as Tradesmen's races the three classes for whom the regatta is intended, genuine amateurs tradesmen and professionals should be kept as distinct as possible.The race will be brought to a conclusion this evening, the race commencing at 2.00 o'clock.

    Copied from The Standard 28th July 1870 < Source British Library Newspaper Archives

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