1867 Paris Exhibition Regatta Medal for Sale!

HTBS received the news that John Elton in England has a rowing medal for sale. It is not just any ‘old’ medal, it is an 1867 medal won by one of the members of the distinguished and famous ‘Paris Crew’. This is the Canadian team who beat the London Rowing Club crew in the race at the Paris Exhibition Regatta in 1867. John writes, ‘It is the 1867 Paris Exhibition Regatta Medal. Gold color, French, hallmarked silver, 88 grams.’ The medal had once belonged to John’s grandfather, but he does not know how it ever came into the hands of his grandfather. The only other medal that exists from that race, that John is aware of, is in the Thomas E. Weil Collection at the River and Rowing Museum in Henley. The Paris Crew was inducted into the Canadian Sports Hall of Fame in 1956.

Anyone who has a serious interest in this item is welcome to contact John at:

+44 (0)1189731827
+44 (0)7941063010

You will find more information about the Paris Crew, the 1867 race and their races against James Renforth crews, here

PS. I have unfortunately promised my wife not to buy it!

See also: “Probably not a Paris Crew Medal after all…”, 15 March, 2013.

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