Think Summer!

I know that summer seems far away, but I would like to think that reading about a summer activity might help us all to go through the bitter season we are in right now. Here is what R.P.P. Rowe and C.M. Pitman write in Rowing (1898; Badminton Library) about sculling for ‘the would-be sculler’:

‘First, don’t strap your feet in too tightly, as you may find it difficult to get them out if you have to swim for it. Secondly, hold on to both sculls and don’t let go, as you will  thus considerably lessen the problem of an upset. Thirdly, take very short strokes at first; you can reach out further as you gain confidence. Fourthly, if you give a big lurch and think that a spill is imminent, stop sculling, try to put your blades flat on the water, and get the handles of your sculls as near to one another as possible. Fifthly, make your first attempt in the summer, when the water is warm and pleasant to swim in. Sixthly, if you upset in the Cam, send your clothes to the wash.’


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