‘Tonic’ Ahead of ‘Gin’

Photo: Newton Women Boat Race website

For the Newton Women’s Boat Race, which is going to be raced on 24 March, 2013, at Henley-on-Thames, Cambridge University Women Boat Club (CUWBC) held their trial eights race at Eton Dorney on Saturday, 15 December. The two eights Gin and Tonic (and spare four) raced over the 2,000-metre Olympic course into a stiff cross head wind on an otherwise glorious day.

Despite an early lead from Gin, rowing in a new Hudson shell, Tonic, in a Empacher, proved their spirit was in the crew and, with the more experienced stern pair, hauled Gin back before the 1000-metre mark. Fay Sandford, the stroke in Tonic, was able to settle to a nice long stride and set a good rhythm, moving slowly away and taking clear water by 1500-metre and winning by a margin of 5 seconds.

To get some more information about these crews, please click here.

Oxford University Women Boat Club (OUWBC) held their trial eights race on Sunday, 16 December, more information about that race will follow.

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